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Please feel free to reach out to anyone who you would like to contact in Venture.

"Head Glue"| Lead

Evan K.

Please feel free to reach out to Evan reguarding any questions about Venture or if you don't know who to contact.

Head of Communications

Ari S.

Head of Alumni Relations

Harry G.

Head of Consulting

Lucas G.

Head of Finance

Lexi S.

Head of Field Trips

Andres W.

Head of Lecture Series

Miles A.

Head of HW Inc.


Head of Complain and Conquer


Co-Head of Vortex | Head of Middle School Relations

Coco C.

Co-Head of Vortex

Cameron S.

Member of Student Consulting

Farid A.

Head of Social Media

Jacob A.

Co-Head of Vortex

Jonathan D.

Faculty Advisor

Mr. Levin